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SHANNON GIGLIO - Author & Visual Artist

Fiction, photography, and art from my perspective. Everything is a work-in-progress.

Author and Visual Artist

My writing and my art come from a very personal place — a place where the windows are boarded up, ash covers every surface, Twin Peaks plays on a constant loop on a black and white TV in an empty room, and I am alone. Rarely, a strip of sunlight filters in, shining hope on the ruins of my scorched soul.

Just kidding — I'm just a normal person who writes books and takes pictures. Sometimes I paint. I look for beauty in the horror that is human nature. Or maybe I look for horror in the beauty. I don't know, but, like I said, I'm pretty normal. I have a family, a dog, a cat, I've been to college and graduate school, have worked a ton of different jobs, and I currently live in Savannah, Georgia (not by choice, but, long story). I'm here to find my audience. Take a look around—maybe my work will resonate with you.


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New Series of Posts Reviewing Savannah, GA Businesses

Jul 22, 2017
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Apr 3, 2017
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I'm back!

Mar 29, 2017
Short Bus Hero cover
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